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The Canmore Eagles are a community owned, not-for-profit hockey club and we rely on the genrous contributions of our volunteer staff to make it all happen.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers who can help us out at the rink on game days by performing a variety of tasks including scoreboard and clock management, goal judges, security, 50-50 draws, Eddy the Eagle mascot performer, sound man, and fund raising activities.

Volunteers receive free game admissions and generally have a lot of social fun at the rink.

If you would like to volunteer at Eagle hockey games, please contact Linda Geals at

The Canmore Eagles would like to thank the following volunteers for their amazing efforts:


Volunteer Coordinator

Linda Geals

Off Ice Officials

Glenn Bleakney

Eric Teunissen

Joseph Dube

Gary Woke

Tim Schoorstra

Chris Lambert

Karen Schoorstra

Steve Beers

Ward Rice

Roy Nassett

Irving Semenok

Roy Montieth


Ticket Sales

Dorothy Ford

Vicki Lockwood


Event Day Volunteers/Security

Silvie Milette

Loretta Shortt

Sarah Dube

Liz Hudson

Bev Montieth

Pat Semeniuk

Brittney Kissner

Nick Bennet

Cliff Joseph

Cameron Craig

Juana Natrasany

Jennifer Lambert 

Nick Bennett

Darren June Ann Archebald

Angela Ford


50-50 Sellers

Liz Hudson


Shannon Pauls


Anthem Singer

Sydney Montieth



Gord Fielding

Matt Strickland


PA Announcers

Rob Murray

Ward Rice


Mark Neustaedter



Emily Franks

Darryl Lockwood



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The Canmore Eagles are in need of 16 Billet Families for the 2017-2018 season. Follow the link to find out more information. 

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