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Canmore Eagles Junior A Hockey Club
A Proud Member of the Alberta Junior Hockey League
A Community Owned, Non-Profit Team

The Alberta Junior Hockey League has been in existence since 1963 and currently features 16 teams playing in two divisions. The AJHL provides the opportunity for young hockey players to play Junior “A” hockey close to home in Alberta.
The AJHL is one of the premiere development leagues in Canada for student-athletes striving to capitalize on their athletic and academic abilities.
During the 2015-16 season, over 300 AJHL alumni were playing hockey at various College or University teams across North America. A total of 86 former AJHL players have been selected directly into the NHL Entry draft, and 20 former AJHL players have won the coveted Stanley Cup.

The Canmore Eagles are a community owned, not-for-profit hockey club who joined the Alberta Junior A Hockey League in 1995.
Since their inception, the Eagles have won the Southern Division title on two occasions (2001-2002 & 2002-2003) and have qualified for the playoffs every year with the exception of the 2011-2012 season when the team embarked on a youth movement. 
The Canmore Eagles play a total of 60 regular season games in a season that stretches from early September to late February. The AJHL playoffs can extend the season until mid-April, with the Canadian championship tournament (the RBC Cup) slated for early May.


UNIQUE SETTING  – Canmore is a small, safe, mountain town of just 12,000 permanent residents and is located just outside the boundary of beautiful Banff National Park – a one hour drive west from Calgary. The town is located at an elevation of over 1,300 metres (4,296 feet) and is surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks reaching 2,936 metres (9,633feet). Canmore has a young, energetic, diverse and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle. Tourism, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness form the economic backbone of the community. Come play hockey and get an education in one of the most beautiful and safest places on earth! As a parent of a player, Canmore is also a wonderful place to visit when you come to cheer on your boy.

ARENA FACILITIES – The Canmore Recreation Centre features twin arenas and the Canmore Eagles play in the Alex Kaleta Arena. The arena features an excellent hard ice surface, a seating capacity of 675, a quality sound system, licensed lounge, and can be a very intimidating place to play for visiting teams.


CANMORE COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL – The modern Canmore Collegiate High School is located right beside the Canmore Arena and certainly makes commuting to hockey practice a whole lot easier. The Canmore high school was opened in 1995 and received a new addition in 1998. The maximum capacity of the school is 850 students, but student counts are generally in the 500 range. The Eagles are pleased to have Deb Sellers as our high school/education consultant as she does an excellent job of keeping Eagle students focused on the task at hand.

EXCEPTIONAL CROSS-TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES – When you play for the Canmore Eagles, you will probably be playing hockey every day. In addition to plentiful ice times, you can spend your free time exploring the Canmore Nordic Center (host of the 1988 Winter Olympic), fish for trout in the Bow River, mountain bike the new Legacy Trail to Banff (25 km), or just go climb a mountain or two. Canmore has many excellent opportunities for cross-training - it’s what makes us different from the rest of the AJHL. It’s the "Quality of Life" aspect.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – When Eagle players aren’t playing or practicing hockey at the rink or attending high school, they are expected to contribute and be good-will ambassadors to the Canmore community. All Eagle players actively participate in numerous charity events, food bank drives, winter carnivals, delivering X-mas trees, and helping Canmore minor hockey players in coaching and evaluation. Canmore is a very small town and Coach Milne expects his players to be role models and well behaved.

SMALL MARKET TEAM – With a small population of just 12,000 and no major sponsorships from Alberta’s oil and gas or agricultural business community, the Canmore Eagles are certainly a small market team in the AJHL – the Montreal Expos of the Major League Baseball if you will. The team is not financially gifted but survives on a very strong commitment of local volunteers and helpful financial assistance from the community at large to survive. It’s all about heart and the will to win!
Our goal is to help young athletes reach their goals – whether it is through obtaining a scholarship at North American institutions, the professional ranks, or remaining in the community to begin a professional career.

Our success is based on attracting quality hockey players who want to be winners – both on and off the ice. Our players are given every opportunity to succeed. 


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